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EUROCUP 2020 cancelled covid19
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UEFA EUROCUP 2020 might be CANCELLED due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Believe that there are a lot of people are curious and concerning whether the 2020 UEFA European Football Championship (UEFA EUROCUP 2020)

Tournament that supposedly scheduled to be held in 12 UEFA countries from 12 June to 12 July 2020 would be cancelled or postponed until further notice due to ongoing concerns about the outbreak of novel Coronavirus ( COVID-19).

UEFA Eurocup’s organiser is constantly monitoring the situation including WHO ( World Health Organization) and national administration announcements and recommendations towards the Coronavirus disease(COVID-19). By latest, according to WHO (World Health Organization), they are going to cancel the UEFA Eurocup 2020 Tournament that supposedly starting on 12 June 2020 as they would not like to put the tournament at the risk of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).


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For the first time, the UEFA Eurocup 2020’s competition will be played across the continent in 12 countries, which could cause serious problems should the situation surrounding the deadly disease worsen before the group stage kicks off in Rome, Italy  on 12th June 2020 as there is at least 2.5m of football fans will travel across the continent. According to the report of COVID-19 disease, there have been over 95,000 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus and over 3,000 deaths worldwide besides China. Italy has been the worst affected in Europe among all the countries in the world except China and has already caused chaos in the sporting world after a batch of matches in Italy were postponed, played behind close doors or even cancelled.

Previously, Michele Grape, vice president of UEFA, said before the microphones of Rai Radio1Sport, facing the problems that the coronavirus can cause on the celebration of the Eurocopa 2020: “We are waiting, we continue country by country. Football must follow the instructions of the Government of each country. We try not to stop, the sports road will stop only if the situation rushes ”.

He also talked about the financial Fair Play and the sanction to Manchester City, that, if the ‘citizen’ club’s appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS) fails, it will not be able to play in European competition in the next two seasons.

EUROCUP 2020 cancelled due to covid19

After the first and second grade sentences, we await the trial of the TAS. The voices about the possible withdrawal of the national trophies won by the City in the framed period? The European rules are not identical in all national Federations, UEFA is working to make some rules mandatory in all championships, ”said UEFA vice president.

However, according by the recent reports from WHO and another big sports events “Olympic 2020” has been confirmed to cancel, UEFA Eurocup 2020’s organiser have been officially announced that the 2020 UEFA European Football Championship (UEFA EUROCUP 2020) Tournament might be cancelled in high possibilities since the numbers of infected persons are getting higher and the deaths are increasing rapidly as well, some more Italy has been lockdown currently until further notice. Hence, UEFA Eurocup 2020 may mostly to be cancelled or postponed until the COVID-19 disease to be settled down.

In the event of there is no any cancellation or postpone of UEFA Eurocup 2020 Tournament due to the COVID-19 disease, all the matches will be held as usual but it may be livestream online on some certain website or platform. There will not have any audience on the site, but all the football lovers and supporters are advised to watch the football matches online with their gadgets such as laptop or mobile. Sports betting also can be done by online to support and bet for their favourite team as well.

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Therefore, the organization of UEFA Eurocup 2020 in order not to disappoint Eurocup’s supporters, they have collaborate with one of the popular sports livestream websites which is PLAY365.LIVE to allow all of the supporters and football lovers watch the live matches online. The website is highly recommended by Michele Grape as well and he said, “ PLAY365.LIVE is the best online livestream website I’ve never seen, there is a lot of big sports matches streaming and you’ll definitely fall in love with it while watching all the matches with the high-resolution screen.”

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