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E-sports has developed quickly in recent years in Malaysia, and the bring forth of E-sports betting

is presently famous everywhere globally. If you ask anyone about E-Sports about 10 years ago, then I think there is no one who can answer about it. Nowadays, E-sports has developed from the otaku day and night amusement to turn into the world’s standard games rivalry.

Top 5 E-sports Betting Games in Malaysia

League of Legends「英雄联盟」


Definitely, League of Legends (otherwise called LOL) is a game discharged by Fist Company in 2013 and is Top 1 among all E-sports betting games in Malaysia. It has hundreds of millions of active players consistently and achieved global success overnight. As far as the number of users, LOL is second to Counter-Strike. Many gaming organizations have built up e-sports or virtual games areas in major online casino in Malaysia. This game has the biggest gaming jackpot for gamblers in online casino Malaysia, especially in AFBCASH. The world competition arrived at a gigantic prize pool of $6,450,000 in the year 2020.

LOL Esports betting malaysia 2020 online casino AFBCASH

DOTA 2「刀塔」

When conversing with digital gamers, you will see that they are either playing LOL or playing the DOTA. These days, the challenge among DOTA and LOL is extremely extraordinary. Indeed, even the two gatherings of players contend while examining the games. In contrast with LOL, DOTA additionally has an enormous prize pool, for example, the $30,532,177 E-Sports Betting Malaysia prize pool in 2020. At the point when you notice that the game’s big stake is such a great amount of higher than the customary games rivalries. For example, the NBA or even the Super Bowl is significant stunning. The DOTA is an exceptionally extraordinary game. Each group comprised of five players to contend with one another. The principle undertaking of the game is to devastate the foe’s primary base.

DOTA2 Esports betting malaysia 2020 online casino AFBCASH

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive「反恐精英:全球攻势」

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, contraction CS: GO is one of the most mainstream e-sports games in the world which discharged in 1999. The expert competitions for this game are everywhere throughout the world. With the ubiquity of games far and wide, an enormous number of bookmakers offer an assortment of wagering alternatives for the game. Up to this point, CS is the most well-known e-sports game. If you are interested to take part in E-Sports Betting, this is an extraordinary beginning stage.

Counter Strike Esports betting malaysia 2020 online casino AFBCASH


Since it was discharged just a couple of years back, Overwatch is as yet a generally new game. In any case, the quantity of players has likewise arrived at the top. There are right now in any event 30 million dynamic players. This game is accessible for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Window in the year 2016 and Nintendo Switch in 2019. In this manner, numerous huge bookmakers and online club likewise added Overwatch to the wagering choices list.

Overwatch Esports betting malaysia 2020 online casino AFBCASH

The Hearthstone「炉石传说」

The Hearthstone game is a key game from Blizzard Entertainment. This game expands upon the current legend of the Warcraft arrangement. Snowstorm Entertainment is a global diversion monster that likewise dispatches enormous scale games, for example, Overwatch and World of Warcraft. Hearthstone has gotten increasingly famous as of late. There are several expert competitions consistently. The all-out prize pool has come to US$8 million.

With many game rivalries, for example, League of Legends and StarCraft being remembered for the universal games rivalries, e-sports wagering is going full speed ahead in Malaysia. It’s nothing unexpected that web-based betting locales take advantage of the lucky break to offer this games wagering type to their amusement stage.

Hearthstone warcraft Esports betting malaysia 2020 online casino AFBCASH

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