How to Play Online Baccarat Live Casino in Muda33

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How to play baccarat in Muda33 is actually very easy, we start first by register

the muda33 account and understanding this baccarat game. In general, baccarat is a card game that seeks the number 9 or the closest by choosing a choice between Player and Banker.

However, in the current online baccarat game, there are many options in playing Baccarat, namely Player, Player Pair, Dragon Bonus Player, Banker, Banker Pair, Dragon Bonus Banker, Tie (Draw) and Fortune Six.


How to Play:

When starting this game, as I said above, find the number 9 or the nearest one. When starting Player and Banker will be given 2 cards. There are also card values ​​that you need to know such as Card 10, Jack, Queen and King with a value of zero (0). And if the two cards come out more than the number ten then the count starts from zero (0). Examples of Player Cards that come out are cards 9 and 4 (9+4 = 3) While Banker cards 3 and 8 (3+8 = 1) So the player who wins because the card is closer to the number 9 than the Banker.

In the game of baccarat, there is also the name of the third card, this card will be dealt in accordance with the rules of the game of Baccarat if the result of the two cards given reaches a certain amount

9+5 = 14 then your value is four (4). Because the value 14-10 = 4. Because your value passes the number Nine.

4+4+4 = 12 then your value is two (2). 12-10 = 2. Same as the case above.

9+10 = 19 then your value is Nine (qiu).

bankerscore - How to Play Online Baccarat Live Casino

Card Distribution

The first card will be dealt with the PLAYER.
The second card will be dealt with BANKER.
The third card will be dealt with the PLAYER.
The fourth card will be dealt with BANKER.

Each position will receive at least two cards but cannot exceed 3. Regarding the third card draw rule, sometimes only 2 cards sometimes 3 cards. you can see the rules of when to draw the third card and when not.

Baccarat Pair (Twin Cards)

Baccarat Pair of twin cards is a condition where the Player or Banker has only two cards. And only the first 2 cards count. Examples of numbers are eight hearts and eight Tajik.

The cardholder has the value of the twin cards closest to the value of nine.

Either the player or the banker who wins will be paid 1 appeal 1. However, the difference is that as a Banker you have to pay a commission of 5 to the host (owner) every time you win. And your balance will automatically decrease in your account.

If both players manage to get the same value or number, then paid 8 appeals 1. And if a Tie occurs, then the bets from both players (banker and player) will be returned or the term ‘Push’.

Winning Payment:

Player: You are declared the winner when you have the highest card value (1 pair).

Banker: Same as winning on the player, but you are only paid 0.95 pairs after the deduction for the casino owner.

Player Pair: A condition where a player has two identical cards (9 hearts and 9 wajik). You get 11x pairs.

Banker Pair: Same as player pair. But still with 5 pieces

Tie: A condition where both the player and the banker have the same card value. 8 times a couple.


Dragon Bonus:

For the Dragon bonus itself, the way to win and the payout is also slightly different from the others. In the Dragon bonus, there are two more parts, namely Natural Win, and also Non-Natural Win.

dragon bonus - online baccarat live casino

What is meant by natural Win is, Win When the Card is only dealt 2x or before the appearance of the third card. While non-Natural Win is a victory after the distribution of 3 cards to the player/banker.

In the image above you can see the Player winning the Dragon Bonus. The bet is called the Non-Natural Win bet because there is already a third card on the Banker. The point is that there should be no third card between the Player and the Banker.

The calculation in the picture above is that the participant installs a Player of 5 thousand in the Dragon Bonus Player and wins a Non-Natural Win because the third card has appeared on the Banker. So the multiplication is 5 x 4 which is 20. The participant won 20 thousand.

Fortune Six

Fortune Six calculates there are only 2 ways and only the result of the total cards on the Banker only. that is, Banker wins with 3 cards with a total number of 6 will be multiplied by 20 and Banker wins with 2 cards with a total number of 6 will be multiplied by 12.

fortune table - online baccarat

Like the picture above, if other than that then it is stated that you will not get the Fortune Six bonus.


We can see from the example image above, Participants Install Fortune Six for 25 thousand, and the end result is that the Banker has 3 cards with a total (1 + 1 + 4 = 6) then Participants are declared to win Fortune Six by multiplying 25 thousand x 20 = 500 thousand.

Well, that’s about it – about a little explanation About How to Play Online Baccarat Live Casino, if there is still something less clear can visit Muda33 Trusted Online Casino Malaysia, which provides Live Chat 24 hours full of friendly Customer Service that is ready to answer all your questions about Muda33.


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